Kirk DeHeer

Kirk DeHeer


Saturday, November 13 All-Day demonstration registration (click)

9:15am to 3:00pm in person at the Pyle Center, Tempe  OR  Zoom Virtual

(The all-day demonstration on November 13th will take the place of the regular third Saturday meeting in November which is very close to the Thanksgiving holidays.)


Hands-on Class registration (click), November 14, 15 and 16 – instructional classes with Kirk DeHeer – Limit 6 students per day/class


Registration for:

All-Day November 13th - click

Hands-on November 14, 15 or 16 - click

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We strongly encourage you to invite anyone from around the country who may be interested in this all-day demonstration to register and participate in this informative session.

If we do not get sufficient in-person registrations by September 15th, we will look at other options for this event.

Saturday Demonstration -

  • Kirk will core multiple bowls using the McNaughton coring system and the Oneway easy core system. He will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each system. This demo is useful to both the turner starting out with coring, those who are wondering what system to buy and the turner that has a system but would like to be more effective with it. He will also core a lid for the afternoon project.
  • He will also demonstrate the tools and technique used to turn a square bowl with or without a lid. In this demo we turn a square bowl showing the tools and cuts to get an exceptional surface. If the lidded option is chosen the lid comes from the same blank as the bowl using the McNaughton coring tool. This will include a comprehensive discussion of turning tools used and possible catches. Once you understand what a catch looks like you are able to take action to correct or prevent it from occurring. If there is time, he will also demonstrate the calabash bowl that will be the focus of one of the hands-on sessions.
  • The balance of the demonstration will be focused on helping new turners and on honing the skills of existing turners in making the calabash bowl.

About Kirk DeHeer

With over 25 years of experience Kirk DeHeer has an extensive knowledge of woodturning tools, equipment and techniques. Kirk emphasizes fundamentals, sharpening, and tool techniques. Giving students a firm foundation on which to build their skills. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a lot to offer experienced turners as well. Kirk has been a resident instructor at Craft Supplies USA in the Dale L Nish School of Woodturning for more than 15 years where he has had the opportunity to work with great turners as the assistant in the classroom. He has picked up many great techniques and approaches along the way.


ASAP:  It is important to know registration headcounts well in advance -- it is very costly to our Association if we don’t have sufficient participation to cover the costs of these events.

Given that there are still some questions regarding Covid19 and the variants, we are particularly concerned about participation. Of course, if national policy shifts to protect the American people, we will follow that guidance regardless of the costs.

In order to make good decisions regarding this event we are asking for you to register and pay well in advance so we can be sure everything is in place to make this event successful. You can register for the all-day session and the hands-on sessions through PayPal on the AWA web site, link on this email, at AWA meeting or by mail (Arizona Woodturners Association, P.O. Box 12094  Tempe, AZ  85284).

All-day Demo in-person / Pyle Center for AWA members includes lunch           ($25.00)

All-day Demo in-person / Pyle Center for non-AWA members includes lunch    ($35.00)

(Pyle Center limited size – first 65 people to register)


All-day Demo for AWA members on Zoom             ($25.00)

All-day Demo for non-AWA members on Zoom     ($35.00)


Day 1  Hands on Session - Sunday, November 14      ($150.00)

Day 2 Hands on Session – Monday, November 15     ($150.00)

(Square bowl with or without lid)


Day 3 Hands on Session – Tuesday, November 16    ($150.00)

(Calabash Bowl using primarily a bowl gouge)

The hands-on classes will be on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday from 9:00am to 4:00pm at Timbers in Mesa.  Classes are limited to 6 people per day. Kirk is a superb teacher with lots of one-on-one time in his classes. There will be an hour break to get lunch on your own. You will be expected to bring your own tools and the specifics will be sent to you once you have signed up for the class. Cancelations will be accepted up to 6 weeks prior to the class. Cancellations after that time will be reimbursed at 50%. If classes are cancelled due to a national or city policy change regarding the Covid19 virus everyone will receive full reimbursement. A waiting list will be maintained to fill any cancelations.

Please register today so we can have a successful event.

If we do not get sufficient registrations by September 15th - we will re-evaluate.


Questions?  Email:          Brian Lensink, AWA President or  Jeff Kustuch, Vice President

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