Kundrat Learning Center

Kundrat Learning Center (KLC)

How will your donation be used?

This Kundrat Learning Center, the use of which was donated by Diane Kundrat in memory of her late husband Mickey Kundrat, is known as the KLC. This shop is a physical location where the AWA can hold classes in all aspects of woodturning. The AWA is developing a number of classes for beginning turners so they can learn the basics, try out a variety of tools and lathes, and hold meetings regarding specific aspect of woodturning. The AWA will also be providing workshops on various woodturning techniques for all level of turners. The AWA has big plans for this hands-on learning center but tools and equipment, along with money are needed to bring the KLC to full fruition.

This is new for the AWA - we are in the process of organizing and making the KLC a great learning center.

Check out the calendar for current classes scheduled.  Calendar items in red are at the KLC.

KLC bldg
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