Desert Woodturning Roundup 2016

The Desert Woodturning Roundup 2016 is now a part of history. We have kept this website up because it still contains useful information.

There WILL NOT BE a Desert Woodturning Roundup in 2018. The cost of facilities and marginal attendance have combined to make it economically unfeasible for the time being. Perhaps this outlook will change in the future. If so, we'll be the first place to post it.

An important part of the DWR-2016 history is our record of donors. We had many companies and artists donate tools, equipment, pieces of art, or funds to the Roundup -- all for the purpose of raising funds to further our endeavors to educate our members and the general public in the craft and art of woodturning. (We even had donations from corporations that have nothing to do with woodturning, such as the Arizona Cardinals, the Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Chicago Cubs.)

The Desert Woodturning Roundup Committee and its parent organization, the Arizona Woodturners Association, publically thank each donor. Your donations really made a difference!

Listed below are the companies and artists who donated to our endeavor. We hope you will remember them when you go shopping, or when you are seeking out an artist.


Airbrush on Wood
American Association of Woodturners
Andi Wolfe
Arizona Cardinals
Arizona Diamondbacks
Burs For Carving
Century Tree Turnings -- email
Chicago Cubs
CPH International STARBOND
Craft Supplies USA
David Ellsworth
Designs by Gjovaag
Easy Wood Tools
Frugal Vacuum Chuck
Glenn Lucas
Jason Clark
John Beaver
Kallenshaan Woods
Michael Anderson -- email
Nick Cook
North Woods Figured Woods
Pat and Peggy Bookey -- email
Rex Burningham
Rock Creek Creations
Saburtooth Tools
Seeds for Autism
Stuart Batty -- email
Taunton Press
Thompson Tools
Timber Woodworking Machinery
Trent Bosch
Woodworkers Emporium

Besides the donors listed above, the DWR also received woodturnings donations from scores of individual attendees, who will not be listed here; but The Desert Woodturning Roundup Committee and its parent organization, the Arizona Woodturners Association, want to publically thank each of these individual donors.

February 26, 27, & 28, 2016

at the

Mesa Convention Center

Mesa, AZ

Building B: Mesa Convention Center

SPECIAL NOTICE!! Please tell your friends and neighbors that the DWR's Instant Gallery and Vendor Area are open to the public (for free) all 3 days.
Friday 12 pm to 7:00pm
Saturday 8:30am to 4:30pm
Sunday 8:30am to 3:00pm

Instant gallery photos from past DWRs are available here!