Volunteers for upcoming Events –


Click for: Volunteer Sign-up to help setup or help with videos.


Would you like to volunteer at upcoming fairs or demonstrations?  Email webmaster today!


Do you have an area you would like to help?   Email:  webmaster@azwoodturners.org

AWA Club is a volunteer organization, everyone working together makes a strong organization.


Everyone working together makes a strong woodturning club!  There is something for everyone!


Opportunities open to members include:

  • Volunteers needed for setup/take down at monthly meetings
  • Demonstrators at meetings/fairs/events
    • AZ State Fair, October
    • County Fairs, March, April, September
    • Turn-a-Thon for Troops, November
    • Woodworking Expo, January
    • PorterBarn Wood Demo, March
  • Mentors for new members
  • Bring drinks to meetings
  • Help set up/take down at all day events
  • Help with food at all day events
  • Write articles for the newsletter
  • Submit review of book/video for the website/newsletter
  • Back-up for Videographer
  • Back-up for Picture taking at meetings
  • Organizing events
  • Submit Tips/Techniques/Links for the website/newsletter
  • Proofreader for newsletter or website

and it can only be strong and successful if every member does their part in some way. If you enjoy wood turning and enjoy learning new skills and meeting fellow wood turners, then your AWA is a great venue.

Help in some way. Volunteer to do demonstration turning at the State Fair; or help move equipment to the meetings; or help clean up after meetings; be a mentor; find some task that you can do, and do it regularly for your Club. It will make you part of the Club instead of just an observer. You will be amazed at how much more you enjoy the Club; and your work will be appreciated by fellow members and make the Club stronger and more vibrant.



Here is an optional online volunteer form:  Click here to fill in a Volunteer Form