Mini-Symposium Sign-up

Mini-Symposium (March 16th) Info and Sign-up

What is a mini-symposium?  There are 6 stations set up, each station will do three demos/30 min each.  You choose which demonstrations you want to watch.  15 minute break between each demo.

ALSO a swap meet set up – bring your items to sell and/or swap and plan to buy something you just “have to” have – really “need”!!

  • Please let us know
  • Maximum 6 demonstrators
  • 3 demos – 30 minutes each

Examples of past demos:   mushrooms, pens, branch wood, rosettes, segmented bowl layup

What ideas can you come up with to share?  Sleds? Tricks of burl? Cracks – what do I do? Kaleidoscopes? Ornaments?