Meet Our Members

The AWA has 153 members – members live all over the US and Canada.  Each month we will highlight one or more AWA members. 

July 2018 member Edward Jones

Edward Jones loves teaching about segmented bowls!  Although he has been interested and working with wood since a teenager.  After retiring from a construction business (now run by his son) – he really got in to turning.  Turning of wood became another love!  He was hooked.

Segmented woodturning quickly became his primary interest.  As a former contractor (always trying to figure something out) Ed started working on a better way to make segmented bowls.  Thru many trials and tribulations he has found a way that works!

Segmented is all about cutting wood into smaller pieces, gluing the pieces back together and turning them.  Using different wood combinations, cuts, designs can come to life in an amazing fashion.

Ed was honored for excellence by the board of Segmented Woodturners in 2012.  Very exciting but humbling experience for Ed.  His work was on display at the Phoenix Art Museum in 2014 (292 art submissions, 37 pieces selected – two from Edward Jones).  His artistic woodturning work is displayed at several art galleries in Arizona.

As excited as Ed is about segmented turning – he wants others to learn the art also.  He has created a website with a goal to teach “making segmented bowls”.  He has learned lots of tips over the years and wants to share.  He has made sleds that make life easier working with wood and save time.  Some sleds are:  perrfect “ring cut”, a perfect corner cut, “Segeasy” sled to cut and glu a perfect circle – sleds for table saws and band saws.

Ed lives in Prescott Valley during the summer and at Robson Ranch during the winter.  He is an active member at both Prescott Area Woodturners and Arizona Woodturners Association.  Check out his website: