Cindy Drozda

Cindy Drozda Flyer 2019

Cindy Drozda did an all day demo February 16th

It was a GREAT DEMO!  Everyone enjoyed the classes.  Thank you, Cindy!

All-day demo: Fabulous Finials & Maximizing Burl Figure

Fabulous Finials: Learn all of my “secrets” to successful finials! A Finial adds a whole new dimension and personality to a vessel or box. This presentation covers my signature style of Finial turning, including the tools, how I use a gouge to make basic spindle cuts, my finial turning method, and design philosophy

Maximizing Burl Figure: Cutting into a burl is like cutting a gemstone. To make my vessel the best art piece possible, I want to cut the burl so that the figure is placed to advantage on the form. This presentation explains what I have learned about the anatomy of a burl, and how to cut it to show its best figure on your turnings. I will make a natural edged burl bowl, showing how I orient the piece on the lathe to get a balanced edge, turning and sanding the unsupported edge, and reverse chucking of a piece with an uneven rim.


The hands-on Class sign-up  – all classes are full.

Cindy’s Workshop Goals:

My main goal for all of my workshops is to help members of the Woodturning community to become better woodturners and artists. I do this through sharing the methods, techniques, and design philosophy that I use in my own work.

Another goal is to give participants the experience with me that they are looking for. For many, that is to learn the tool control that makes it possible to do fine work.

You are to be congratulated for your willingness to learn from me! It is through exposure to other turners that we all share and grow, as individuals and as a group. Your turning and artwork will improve as a result, no matter what your turning experience level at the moment. I attend other turners’ workshops whenever I can. I always benefit from learning different ideas and ways of doing things.

This is your opportunity to step into my shoes, and experience the ways that I do my work. Everyone does things differently, and you may or may not decide to incorporate my ideas and methods into your own work. Having exposed yourself to new methods, processes, and philosophies will make you a better turner. You will have more options and more “tools” available for doing your own work.

Class Structure:

My workshops consist of short demonstrations of each step in the project, followed by time for the participants to complete that step.

The focus will be on completing the process as a group, and learning some techniques along the way. I do not recommend spending a lot of time sanding and finishing.

We will have a morning session, a lunch break of about 1 hour, and an afternoon session. At the end of the day, we will leave the shop as clean as we found it. Hours of class will vary, depending on the facility that we are using. Usually, we spend a 6-7-hour day working at the lathe.




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