Meet  our volunteer Board…

Here is your Board!  Come talk with “your” Board, share your ideas!  We would like to get to know you and your wood turning tips and tricks!


Jim McCleary

William Taggart

David Slocum

Richard Ivy
Enjoy turning: bowls, vases, peppermills, pizza cutters
Favorite wood: mesquite, olive
Hobbies: wood turning, golf, yard
Turning: 5 years
About: Retired military and civil service
Enjoy turning: segmented bowls, platters, boxes, basket illusion urn, miniature birdhouses
Favorite wood: Black walnut burls
Hobbies: wood turning, golf
Turning: 26 years
About: Retired, born in Ottawa, Ontario - enjoys cabin there in the summers
Enjoy turning: Finials and plates, still struggling with bowls
Favorite wood: Acacia and Mesquite
Hobbies: I like to make furniture and repair things that are broken.
Turning: 3 years
About: I work for an aerospace company in material planning. Looking forward to retiring so I can travel.
Enjoy turning:bowls, boxes, plates, yard bowls, pens, etc.
Favorite wood: I see all wood as a challenge to let out its beauty. I have done cherry, magnolia, pecan, walnut, olive, spalted oak, local woods and several I never identified. All beautiful!
Hobbies: architecture for churches and Native Americans.
Turning: 6 years
About: Born in New Mexico, Army Brat. Architect. Love to travel anywhere. Moved to Arizona to work with Native Americans five years ago.


Rich Fairborn

Larry Hudson

Brian Lensink

Vince Sichmiller
Enjoy turning: bowls, hollow forms, sound port rosettes
Favorite wood: olive, desert iron wood, any burl
Hobbies: When I am not turning I "practice" luthiery - guitars, ukuleles, and harpsichords
Turning: 15 years
About: I am an architect and own a small design-build company
Enjoy turning: bowls
Favorite wood: all wood
Hobbies: wood turning
Turning: Since 7th grade - my first bowl turned!
About: Retired math professor
Enjoy turning: Bowls, vessels, sculptural pieces, mobile both traditional turning and segmented.
Favorite wood: I like all woods for it depends on the design and look more than the type of wood.
Hobbies: I like to continue the learning process for there are many aspects to wood turning that still need to be explored and tried.
Turning: 6 years
About: I was educated to be an industrial arts teacher but ended up having a 40 year career as director of developmental disability services in Arizona, Colorado and Connecticut.
Enjoy turning: Everything I like to try different thing for a challenge
Favorite wood: African Sumac, Olive. The nicest wood to turn is Jacaranda
Hobbies: I try to do a little flat work, furniture. A little yard work and lots of grand kids
Turning: 15 years
About: Retired

Jerry Witt
Board Appointed

Pete Beschenbossel
Board Appointed

Pat Jones
Enjoy turning: bowls, pens
Favorite wood: free
Hobbies: wood turning
Turning: 6 years
About: Project manager
Enjoy turning: Vases, bowls, platters, segmented and inlaid vessels
Favorite wood: Olive, sissoo, mesquite and a wide variety of exotic hardwoods.
Hobbies: enjoy creating new methods to minimize the need for acquiring expensive equipment and reducing space requirements for such.
Turning: 10 years
About: Retired engineer. My first woodturning project was in 1957 when I made a Duncan Phyfe end table from solid mahogany using a roughing gouge, skew chisel, and a blunt-nosed scraper. Although I worked on various creations in wood throughout the years, I concentrated on turning during the past ten years.

Hobbies: computers, crafting, swimming, travel
Turning: 0 years
Husband is turner!
About: At age 50 went back to college to learn web design. Semi-retired. Affordable web design for small businesses is my challenge.


Also a big thank you to our Photographer – Richard January – for all his work on taking superb pictures and organizing the photo gallery.


Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation

Please note that the former club bylaws and member bylaws were combined into a single document when the updated versions were passed by the Board of Directors on 1/12/2012. The Articles of Incorporation were not changed.


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