Announcements for Club Members

Thank you to our six volunteers demonstrating March 16th!

Demos include:

  • Baby rattle by Gerard Merchant
  • Craft Show Items by Ken Waller
  • Frugal Vacuum Chuck by Bob Leonard
  • Goblets by Ed Morabito
  • Pens by Jim Picospi (
  • Lidded box/salt pig by Bill Kram

Photo taking for member directory

Turners will be set up on the outside walls and swap meet will be set up in the middle!

Swap meet – bring your items to sell – bring your $$ to buy!!

Small Gift and Craft Show Items

A little more info….

Ken will be turning a wine stopper, an ice cream scoop and a ring holder. He will also have several other items on display.

Gerard will be doing a baby rattle with rings on it.

Bob Leonard from Frugal Vacuum chuck will be demoing.  The vacuum chuck/original concept was developed by Bob Leonard about three years ago when he was in the market for a vacuum pump system but wanted to try and build his own low cost system after reading a magazine article on the subject

Bill Kram will be doing a Salt Pig.  You say…what is a   SALT PIG

  • A salt pig is a container used to hold salt, to make it easily accessible to pinch or spoon measure into dishes. They are available in many materials, but are generally ceramic, porcelain, wood, earthenware or clay. The earthenware construction of a salt pig can help keep the salt from clumping in humid kitchens.
  • A popular train of thought attributes the name of the salt pig to their typically round and snout-like openings but some investigating of an old Scottish dialect revealed that “pig” was a common word for an earthenware jar or pot. A salt pig was simply an earthenware jar for salt (although some take it a little more literally).



  • 2019 Happenings!

    • March 16 – mini-symposium/swap meet
      • Looking for demonstrators
      • Meeting –Board nominations
    • March 20-24 – Pinal County Fair AWA Demos
    • April 10-14 – Maricopa County Fair AWA Demos
    • April 20 – Brian Lensink – Peppermill, Segmented or not
      • Meeting – Board elections
    • May 18 – Bill Taggart – miniature bird houses
      • New board
  • Check out the 2019 President Challenges on the Meetings page


  • To earn money for the club use the Fry’s Community Rewards Program:  visit the Frys website at: Once logged into your Fry’s account, go to community rewards, click “all”, search for Arizona Woodtuners Association either by name or VD448 and then click Enroll. New users will need to create an account which requires some basic information, a valid email address and a rewards card.
  • Also sign up for AMAZON SMILE – Amazon gives a percentage to the club when you sign up on Amazon Smile and designate the Arizona Woodturners Association in your account.