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This organization is busy! All ages both men and women are actively having fun with wood turning!

If you enjoy wood turning and enjoy learning new skills and meeting fellow wood turners, then the Arizona Woodturners Association (AWA) is a great venue.


Who we are:

The Arizona Woodturners Association (AWA) is a proud chapter of the American Association of Woodturners, located in Phoenix, Arizona. We are dedicated to training, preserving and inspiring the art of woodturning. We encourage each of our members also to join the American Association of Woodturners.

Our purpose is to provide a forum whereby members can gather to promote safe turning practices, exchange ideas, share techniques/information/experiences, teach, learn and provide inspiration.  Membership in AWA is open to any and all interested in woodturning!

Learn to turn:

If you ever thought about trying woodturning, we encourage you to join the AWA (or your local chapter).  It is generally agreed this is the best way to start this new fascination. It is also highly recommended to join the American Association of Woodturners. Be warned, wood turning it is very addicting. Whether you want to learn woodturning for relaxation or want to make a gallery piece, start with your local woodturning organization and sign up. The information you can gather there is second to none. Let the chips fly!

What's new...

November 17th meeting will have Kelly Dunn from Hawaii demonstrating a "Lidded Calabash."   Stay tuned to signup for his 3 days of individual classes.  Can you help set up or take down at a meeting?  Are you participating in the Club's projects?